Studio M

Dry Construction Systems

Nordeus, Belgrade

The scope of works and activities of our company covers the complete final phase of construction including design, execution and interior fit out primarily of commercial, residential, industrial and special purpose facilities.


Scope of work

Studio M DCS d.o.o. is one of few companies in Serbia which has a full executive, administrative and managerial team for construction sites over 5.000m². We would also like to underline that our team of employees with good organization, flexibility and communication skills is able to satisfy the most demanding customers, such as Airport City and GTC.

Studio M DCS d.o.o.

Studio M od 2018. godine, preko svoje ćerke firme Struktor SSG, počinje sa izvođenjem kompletnih MEP instalacija (mašinske, elektro i hidrotehničke instalacije) zaokruživši na taj način sve vrste radova u izvođenju „fit-out“ projekata.

Reprezentativan primer izvođenja kompletnih završnih radova sa izvođenjem MEP instalacija, je projekat GTC Green Heart na kome su uspešno završeni i neki izazovni projekti kada je o instalacijama reč kao što su Nordeus zgrada, Nutanix kancelarije i slično.


Studio M DCS d.o.o.

Starting from 2018. StudioM has introduced, trough our daughter company Structor SSG, full MEP instalations (machanical, electrical and hydrotechnical installations) to Architectural work thus offering the whole scope of work when it comes to „fit-out“ projects. The most representative example was GTC Green Heart project where very MEP demanding projects were successfully finished such as Nordeus Office Building, Nutanix Belgrade Office etc.

Our goals

Deadline compliance

Confidential cost estimate

Satisfied clients

For interior fit-out work we have excellent cooperation with all major companies in Serbia that manufacture or import of quality materials, ceramics, carpentry, flooring and other products necessary for multi-purpose interior furnishing. Multi-national manufacturers of building materials such as Armstrong and Knauf stand out Studio M DCS as one of their most reliable contractors.


For years, Studio M has been installing materials from the world’s best manufacturers.

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